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Bonus Poker Guide

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Poker rooms, Sports bookies and casinos offer wellcome bonus to attract new players. A wellcome Bonus will be paid in your account if you complete some requisites such as play a certain number of hands or betting X times first money amount deposit. Classic requeriments are that player have to earn points to liberate and complete the bonus. Look at bonus conditions of poker rooms, casino or betting websites because each bonus is different. There are easy bonus, hard and imposible bonus to liberate. We recomend check the best poker sites in your idiom or country. The reference websites usually has the best promotions and actual updated information about bonuses.

How I get my Bonus? How it works?

There are several types of bonus: Wellcome Bonus, Non deposit bonus, Reload Bonus..usually all works the same way.

Wellcome bonus is activated when player does the first deposit. Sometimes players must to introduce a poker code to get a special promotion.

How I convert my bonus in real money on my account? The player have to play with real money to liberate the bonus. If plays with real money will generate comissions / rake and earn points or something like that necesary to convert bonus in money (check bonuses conditions). Liberation and conversion of bonuses usually be automatic while player is playing.

About rake

The bonification objective is a repayment of a part of the commissions / rake generated by the own player while has been playing for a period of time.

The poker rooms usually charge a 5 cents commission for every dollar played on the table. For example: if in a poker cash table all players get together a pot of $10 the comission is 50c. In Poker tournaments this commission is called "fee" usually be 10% of inscription. If you pay $10 to join in a tournament the fee will be represented like this: 10$+1$. Sport betting comissions usually be 5% of benefits it depends of the country and sportsbook politic.

┬┐What is rakeback?

Rakeback is the return of a percentage of the rake generated. It seems that is the same as a bonus but the difference is that the rakeback is paid every month.

Rakeback usually worthwhile for players in middle-high levels but a player who plays many hours at low levels also can be favourable. For this reason a player who's playing poker every day the repayment of its monthly rakeback rewards more benefits than complete a new welcome bonus of any poker room.

There are a large number of pages offeringr rakeback for affiliates of which can be obtained benefits besides freerolls or free money.


Bonuses Comparisions

All bonuses are differents and there are websites specialised in theme. Is very important that bonus and promotions came from reliable and transparent site. Visit forums and check opinions from players and comunities before deposit money.

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